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Discussed individually

Payable bi-weekly (If paid after Tuesday - $10.00 late fee)


$20.00 per week (Billed bi-weekly unless paid with tuition)

Activity Fee

$50.00 per student

Re-enrollment / Registration Fee

$50.00 (3rd week of April)



When a child is accepted as a student the registration fee is non-refundable.


  • If the parent elects to take their child out of school during the school year, when school is in session, tuition is expected to be paid.

  • Delinquent Account Policy: No student will be allowed to continue at BBA with an unpaid balance of two weeks. BBA will not send recommendations, transcripts, or any other school records to any other school unless the student’s account is current.

  • Report cards will be held if the student’s account is not current.

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